3 Useful Tips For International Students To Find Off-Campus Accommodation in Sydney

It's never easy to move to any foreign country when you're a student. There are over 233,099 international students studying in universities across Australia. The University of Sydney alone hosts over 11, 871 international students. Choosing where to live is a big decision when you're going to university in a new country. Many students choose to live on-campus, which is a straightforward solution. But for those who prefer to live off-campus, it's ideal to arrive well in advance to find a place to stay, so that you start student life with your best foot forward. [Read More]

3 Reasons Why the Boutique Hotel Trend Should Come to Australia

Boutique accommodation is a booming industry, and one that is slowly spreading across the globe. There are three great reasons why this trend should be adopted in Australia. First, boutique accommodation is highly sought after in Asia, one of Australia's key markets for tourism. Second, Australia has the perfect environment for setting up boutique accommodation in the form of wildlife retreats and eco-hotels. Finally, the industry in Australia is ready to adopt these boutique hotels as part of their service offering. [Read More]

4 Different Types of Budget Accomodation

You're always going to want to find the best deal when looking for hotels and accommodation, so here a few different types lodgings in Australia. Whether you're looking for the best or budgeting, this will still benefit you and potentially save you money during your stay.   1,. Bed and Breakfasts   These are very common in Australia and the common choice for people wanting a welcoming family feel with home-cooked meals. These can be anywhere from small cottages with just a few rooms to a much larger city townhouse with many rooms. [Read More]