4 Different Types of Budget Accomodation

You're always going to want to find the best deal when looking for hotels and accommodation, so here a few different types lodgings in Australia. Whether you're looking for the best or budgeting, this will still benefit you and potentially save you money during your stay.  

1,. Bed and Breakfasts  

These are very common in Australia and the common choice for people wanting a welcoming family feel with home-cooked meals. These can be anywhere from small cottages with just a few rooms to a much larger city townhouse with many rooms. These are considered the most luxurious of budget accommodation with this being the main choice of older and younger generations who like a bit of extra comfort. The cost of these vary from each bed and breakfast as they can be vastly different.  

2. Country Farm Stays  

Many people consider staying in a farm lodging to be a great option for the outdoors type with many of the farms offering full on site activities, such as bushwalking, swimming and horse riding. There are many other aspects of staying on a farm that can appeal, such as herding cattle or sitting by an open campfire and eating hearty country food. These usually run a little more expensive than bed and breakfasts, but that is to be expected with more activities available.  

3. Camping and Caravan Renting  

Similar to farm stays, many of the farmers, for a small fee, will let you stay on their land if you've brought your own equipment. The fee provides you with the use of amenities, such as toilet facilities, gas and electric. Camping is often the choice for the more rustic who want an even greater outdoors experience. Caravan renting can be very expensive but, depending on the situation, could be the best value. Camper vanning in Australia's great outdoors is another budget option. Most budget accommodation in camp sites offer facilities for campers as well.   

4. Hostels  

The most popular choice for backpackers and people wanting to travel on the cheap. They offer all the basics that you need when looking for a place to stay with a great price. Generally they're shared bedrooms in a dorm room style with separate bathrooms. These are generally located in most tourist locations, so if you're doing any out of the way travelling, expect there to be a hostel available. One of the best attributes of hostels is being able to meet other tourists and trade stories with them.