Top 3 Hotel Types For Your Holiday

Choosing the best hotel for a holiday is challenging whether you are planning a family holiday, romantic getaway or a solo retreat. These establishments vary in size, target markets and costs, and it is vital to find what best suits your needs and general situation. The features of the hotels vary in terms of the scope of services as well as the level of luxury. If you are looking for quality accommodation for varied holiday needs, here are the most popular choices.

Suite Hotels

The suite category of the hospitality industry has experienced tremendous growth in the recent years. It is a trendy option that is popular with business people. The guestrooms in these establishments have a living room, bedroom and sometimes a kitchen but the public facilities and services are somewhat limited. A premium variant is the honeymoon suite that offers specialised features for romantic pursuits. This extends to other sectors of the hotel industry, including on cruise ships.


Resort hotels are considered to be the most suitable for family holidays. Since they are set away from the city, the recreational facilities are extensive. The amenities and the cost will depend on the location of the hotel and the management policies. For instance, an inclusive resort will charge a fixed price for all or most of the available features. The number of establishments offering this kind of scheme has declined drastically but it still presents an opportunity for a stress-free holiday. Spa resorts are ideal for a retreat or to reinforce the pursuit for healthy habits and spiritual development.

Timeshare Hotels

This is considered to be a fairly new trend in the hotel industry but it is gaining momentum. Timeshare hotels allow guests to purchase the pertinent accommodations for a given period. This is a good choice for people who need vacation spots frequently within a predefined timeline. When the property is not in use, it can be rented out to other individuals. Condominium hotels work under a similar concept but each unit is owned by a single person unlike the timeshare where there are multiple owners. It is a great long-term plan when one wants to create a family tradition for holidays.

Suite hotels will provide you with the best atmosphere for a romantic getaway while resorts will provide wholesome fun for the family due to the varied activities. Timeshare accommodation presents a unique opportunity to be part of exchange programs and holidays around the world. Think about the hotel type that best suits your ideals.