The Benefits Of Renting A Furnished Apartment

If you're out hunting for your very first apartment, it can be an exciting time as you look for a location and a space that fits your idea of perfect. But as you're contemplating the empty apartments you're seeing and imagining how you're going to fill them with furniture, you may want to stop and consider renting a furnished apartment instead. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy if you make that choice.


It's your first apartment, so chances are that you're not lugging a ton of furniture with you on your move. So instead of having to budget for tables, chairs, cushions and a bed, you can use that money toward something else or put it into your savings account. Either way, you don't have to worry about spending money on major purchases. Good furniture is expensive, and the money you save can be allocated to buying furniture when you move to another apartment or even a house.


Another benefit of a furnished apartment is that it's ideal if you plan to live at your new space for only a year or two at the most. With a 'starter' apartment, you're not making a long-term commitment, it's just the first place to live on your own as you begin your life journey. So even if the furnishings in your apartment don't quite match your personal taste, you're reassured by the fact that this is a short-term arrangement.


One of the hassles of moving in and moving out of an apartment is the amount of things you have to remove when your lease is up. You will either have to rent a truck to move your belongings on your own or have to hire a removals company to do the job for you. Both of those methods will cost you time, money and labour. With a furnished apartment, you know that on move-in or move-out day all you will need to do is clean up the place to make it presentable, pack up your bags and wave goodbye. That's it; no calling to check on whether the movers are late, no frustration with a rental moving truck that's been double-booked and no hidden fees from a removals company.

One thing to remember when you're thinking about a furnished apartment is to ask the landlord if you can put up any personal items, such as paintings or pictures or other kind of wall hangings. Some landlords have strict rules about those kinds of additions, while others are more liberal.

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